POSTPUBLICIDAD (Post-advertising)

Reflections on a New Advertising Culture

Postpublicidad (Post-advertising), the Book.
The book is an overall reflection on the situation in which advertising finds itself after the violent and amazing eruption of the internet and new media. Post-advertising explores advertising´s yin and yang, and the ways in which we are shifting from one communication culture to another. It delves into the need for "edible" advertising and the methods and ingredients with which to infuse ads with this edibility; the liquid nature of the internet and the liquefaction of the global media environment; of brands´ challenges in penetrating social territories, the need for them to acquire social manners and to learn to speak a language that they´ve never before used: the language of the people.
Daniel Solana. Life Path.
Study biology. At age 20, work in the psychopharmacological research department of a pharmaceutical company. Draw cartoons every day on the Catalunya Express. Start at an agency as a design assistant. Make the move from design to copy. Work as a creative in a soulless agency: Interalas. Work as a creative director in a high-pressure agency: Young & Rubicam Barcelona. Draw the comic "Creatas y Ejecutas." Clock in as creative director at Contrapunto Madrid and take over the post left by Toni Segarra. Try to write a novel based on the advertising of the future. Spend two years researching the advertising of the future. Live in San Francisco in 1995 and discover the advertising of the future there. Found DoubleYou, to transform the idea for the novel into an agency.
DoubleYou. Integrated advertising communication agency.
DoubleYou is an integrated communication agency that sets itself apart through its strong digital culture, multidisciplinary vision and vocation and clear creative profile. The agency, founded in 1996, has offices in Barcelona and Madrid and works for both national and international clients.
Its track record includes the honour of having won, in the last five years, five Grand Prizes at four different festivals: Cannes, FIAP, El Sol and Imán, and in four different areas: Digital Advertising, Direct Marketing, Integrated Advertising and Media.

The Solid Book

Paper version of the book Postpublicidad (Post-advertising), 4th edition, November, 2017. Paperback with flaps, Spanish, 300 pages. Retail price €25.

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The Liquid Book

Digital and summarized version of the Postpublicidad (Post-advertising) book. Edition 1.0.

PDF format, Spanish, 52 pages, Free.


The Gaseous book

Talking about: On Compulsive Liars

Many brands are fantastic psuedologoi, or compulsive liars.  They have been inventing fictitious positioning for themselves for so long, appearing to be that which they are not, exaggerating the virtues of their products, relating impossible stories, telling half-truths and constructing improbable fictions, that now they are unable to distinguish reality from fantasy.  This is why when they log into Facebook, they proclaim: “Hey, guys, it´s me, the ultimate car,” or “Here I am, the greatest thing since sliced bread,” and they don´t notice that what they  are saying is nothing more than an invention, a story, another advertising lie, and that people are onto them.




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